1. Every student is required to attend classes regularly. If a student attends classes less than the required number i.e. 75%, then he/she can be detained from appearing in the examinations as per University Rules.

2. A student should always wear his/her ID card around his/her neck in the Campus. The same should be shown when identity proof is required by the Officials/ Staff.

3. No student will be allowed to enter any office, library, auditorium, administrative & examination blocks, etc., if he/she fails to show his/her Identity Card. Students will be allowed to attend cultural programmes, sports events, film shows or other programmes of the College only when they are in possession of their valid ID card. 

4. Students are not allowed to honk horn(s) of their vehicles or to play loud music in their vehicles in the College premises. 
5. No vehicle with black film(s) will be allowed entry in the College premises. 

6. College is a Ragging Free Campus. All students must follow the College guidelines regarding Anti-Ragging appended in the Prospectus. Students can report any such incident to any concerned committee . 

7. All students should behave decently with female students, teachers and employees. No student should involve in any incident of eve-teasing. Anyone found indulging in such activity shall be liable to stringent disciplinary action. The College strictly follows its policy of zero tolerance towards eve-teasing and act(s) of sexual harassment.

8. Students should use decent language with everyone in the campus. 

9. The College property should not be harmed in any manner. If a student is found damaging the College property, strict action will be taken against him/her. 

10. Use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs in any form is strictly prohibited in the College Campus. Every student must observe these instructions on the Campus failing which strict action will be taken against him/her to the extent of expulsion from the College and the programme.

11. Every student must follow College rules and regulations in maintaining discipline in the campus. If a student is found involved in any act/s of indiscipline, unlawfulness or misbehavior then he/she will be punished as per College rules. 

12. Campus Students‟ may take up their collective demands with the Students‟ Council. No student is allowed to disturb the academic atmosphere of the campus. If anyone is found disrupting classes or instigating students to disrupt classes/office work/administrative work, vitiating academic and administrative setup and/or attempt to force upon the authorities, then such activity will be considered serious indisciplinary act and the student(s) will be punished accordingly.

13. Students are advised not to hold any rally or protest near the College administrative block. 

14. Students must obey instructions of the teacher-in-charge(s) while on a tour/ trip/ field training/ Industrial training, etc. All safety norms, as prescribed in the UGC Safety Regulations, should be followed by students on and off the campus. 

15. All the students must observe silence in the library. They must not use mobile phones in the library. 

16. One should not write or paste posters on the walls and window panes of the College buildings. Any poster/hoarding found pasted/fixed/hanged at any place, other than the prescribed place, will attract severe punishment under the Defacement Act of Public Property. 

17. Students are expected to keep the campus neat and clean. The use of polythene is strictly banned on the campus.